February 13th, 2008

Claire cutie

More Domesticking

Continuing in the Domestic Goddess theme, today I visited poor, sick Jacinta and watched Firefly. While sitting in front of the TV, she knitted a scarf and I worked on my crossstitch. Furthering my kind acts of goodwill towards the sickly and needy *cough cough* I brought her a piece of my wonderful pie to console her.

Yeah ok, LOL! How full of it did that sound!? Really though, I did enjoy this afternoon spent with her in mutual craft activities watching good TV. Afterwards was dinner at Clare's and talking about ministry and marriage and how it all comes together. Being a woman is hard sometimes, but I think I enjoy the domestic side of life a little too much right now to even contemplate having it any other way.

Tomorrow I have plans to break out the spanner and change the washers in my kitchen taps. They leak, unless I turn them hard and they need fixing! I called Dad this evening and asked him how to change washers and it sounds easy. I'm not sure where my water main is though, so that might take a bit of hunting. If I drown tomorrow, you'll all know why!