February 15th, 2008

Anya loving


I want to reflect upon the Valentines Day just passed.

Recently I've been praying to God for a few things; contentment about being single, that He'll provide me with a husband in His perfect timing and that I'll be patient while waiting. So far, God has blessed me with contentment and patience. :D So this VD, I wasn't bitter. Not even for a second! Instead of being bitter, I was a little bored (because I've had no work or uni for the past 2 weeks) and I made food for Heather's Bible study group who came over for dinner. I made rather nice experimental pie and coconut and banana chicken curry. We had a really nice evening sitting outside eating good food!

I rather like looking back on yesterday because it's a reminder to me of God's grace and love in my life. Love that is more meaningful than any VD could celebrate, love that is higher and wider and deeper and stronger than any one person could ever give me, love that goes beyond death, love that died for me. In Jesus, in his death and resurrection, I have been shown love, and given eternal life. And this isn't because I'm so great or I'm worthy of it, NO! I've a heart so dark it makes me scared to see it. I know my own depravity. This love is NOT conditional upon my good behaviour. God loved me before I loved Him, God sent Jesus before I was even born, knowing of me and loving me; before I was even a twinkle in Mum's eye.

The gospel message is of love. Unconditional love that God has for us. Us in our terrible sinful state. Having hearts that resemble tar towards Him, He still loves us. We can be reunited with God and can bask in His love. He has done all the work for you, you only need turn to Him, repenting of your sinful ways.

So that is what I remembered when VD came by this year. It made me happy, yet also sad for all those people who are so bitter at the day and not just at the day, but going so far as to wish unhappiness on everyone else who might share this day with someone they love. I rejoiced in God's love poured out on me and I pray that you too, might do the same one day if you don't already! :D