February 18th, 2008

Buffy bored

Not so bad actually

So class didn't go as badly as I thought it would. Sensei asked me a question and I blew the answer, but it wasn't that bad and I did that heaps last year. Now that I have homework and things to revise, I'm confident that I'll remember everything. It was just the first leson I was scared of.

Riding to uni went well today. It takes 20minutes all up, with another 5 mintues to get to the bike racks, of which there's only one set slightly near me in the Education dept. Which is really convenient(!) :P I have to ride my bike up a big hill to get to it. Thankfully I have remembered that it's ok to change gears a lot, so I'm doing better with hills now.

I think my asthma is coming back. Riding up hills, unless I take care to moniter my breathing, leaves me a breathless and gasping. The gasping takes rather a while to go away. But I'm feeling better about getting the regular and hard exercise and am confident that my breathing will get better as I get fitter and more accustomed to riding.

I was going to do some kanji revision, but the program I was intending to use on the computer has been removed during the holidays (which was dumb), so now I've time to kill, pointlessly, until my lecture in 45minutes. I'll probably go early because I'll be bored.

Edit 1:15pm: Lecture wasn't too bad. There was a girl there from last year's unit whom I sat with and we got on well catching up. Lecture was pretty interesting. EDU260, Learning Through the Arts. It engaged me and had me thinking, so w00t! The ride home wasn't too bad, I even made it up that terrible hill that I had to walk up last time! I was on my lowest gear and standing on the pedal to keep them moving. I reckon that if I'd stopped, I'd be dead.

Also, the chain on my bike kept stuffing up sometimes when I changed down from one gear to another, just on the one particular sprocket. Instead of moving down, the chain would get caught on the upper driving sprocket and not want to turn anymore. This causes me to panic, trying to get my feet out of the pedals asap, so I can put down a foot or two to make me stable, then turn the bike over, fix the problem and get on my way. I did this TWICE! :P