March 2nd, 2008

Rhett Butler smug


I read the synopsis for the movie Jumper. But everytime I read the word, jumper, I kept thinking of that wooly thing that I wear in winter. It made for an interesting story in my head.
"This jumper met another jumper and they were friends. Together, they decided to keep Kat warm when it's cold."
Dr Who tea

Pressure vent

I think I finally get art. \(^.^)/ Some units are helpful to real life after all!

Uni is feeling a bit swampy. I've only 3 units, but I want to do really well in them, so I think I'm putting more pressure on myself than need be. It's only just starting week 3 after all.

Things have been plodding along in a very non-eventful fashion recently. Which is good, because it means less stress, but bad because it makes my life awfully boring. I've seen all these notices up around uni to join this or that thing and I want to join in them and have fun doing whatever, but I just don't have the time what with the uni stress I find myself under. There's this game of assassin happening on campus this week, and this youth women's choral and possibly a few other things that aren't just going to happen, that I would like to happen.

Monday evenings I have Equip, which is a training and ministry thing for MCU, Tuesday look to be my church's Bible study night, Wednesday is Kendo night, Thursday is dancing night, Friday and Saturday are party/group activity night, Sunday night I want to spend at home after kid's church chilling. Wednesday and Saturdays I'm available to work, though Myer doesn't like rostering me on, :P. I picked up an all day Saturday shift yesterday though, which was good. I'm glad that there's stuff to keep me busy, but it all looks a bit overwhelming.

I guess I should take some of my own advice and take one day at a time. Don't worry about tomorrow, but focus on what I can do today and then actually do it!

On that note, I ought to do my Japanese homework, wash my face and head off to bed. Thanks for listening to my somewhat self-pressured venting. :)