March 17th, 2008

Marie Antoinette bath

Unofficial day off

Today I decided to take the day off uni. I'm glad I did. My weekend was super busy.

Friday night I went to karaoke with some Japanese classmates and the exchange students. Saturday I worked from 9:15 till 3:15 (and picked up some awesome bargains in the 75% off already reduced stock sale), then my cocktail party at 7. On Sunday I only had 2hrs in the afternoon instead of my usual 4 to myself due to unforeseen circumstances.

This morning I just kept sleeping. I woke up in time to get to uni and have a shower, but I was so exhausted I couldn't make it out the front door. I did some homework and I'll have more to do later, but I'm so glad I decided to stay home by myself and chill.

Yesterday I was a little mopey in the evening, but today I'm okay.I ought to get off to Equip at MCU now. :)