March 19th, 2008

Hiro waffles


My room is not terribly messy. The worst of it is just some piles of clothes on the floor in two general heaps and a washing basket. Pile #1 is for things that are dirty and need washing: do not wear again until washed. Pile #2 is for things that I may have worn once or even twice, but I didn't wear it on a hot day/didn't spill anything on it/likely to wear it again in a day or two. Washing basket is for clean clothes that haven't made it to the drawers or clothes rail. So now I have a pile of darks and my lights in the wash. My two piles have been amalgamated into one common washing pile. My clean clothes are packed away. My room is clean again. Hurrah.

Also, whenever I seem to be accumulating too many clothes, I sort through them all and give the ones I don't wear to little sister. But afterwards, my drawers seem too bear. I don't know how to remedy this situation, but given I only did this last when I moved out in Janurary, I'm unlikely to give her any more handmedowns for a few months.

I bought some skirts for Heather today. 2 brand name skirts for $15 and they fit her fine. w00t. What a good housemate I am. lol

That's all, :D