March 23rd, 2008

road and trees


No matter what you've heard in the newspaper or been told, the physical bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ is so very integral to the Christian faith. It is the source of hope and joy.

When someone becomes a Christian they are united with Christ. They are united in his death and in his resurrection.

In his death because we die to our sinful nature. His death becomes our death and so our penalty for sin - which is death, is met.

In his resurrection because when he rose to new life, we have the new life here on Earth - that is, knowing God and understanding his Word to us know.
Also, in his resurrection because even though our bodies die now, that is not the end for us. As God demonstrated his power over the grave by raising Jesus to new life and seating him at His right hand to rule over all things, so Christians will also rise from the dead when Jesus comes again to this world. Death is not the end for the Christian. We have hope of eternal life with Jesus, because of Jesus and his resurrection!


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