March 24th, 2008

potc seasoning

Sunday Activities

My Yesterday:
Sunday Morning service at my church. Brought morning tea, was good.
Sunday early afternoon I watched some Season 1 of Buffy and worked out my Sunday school lesson plan
Sunday School went pretty well. We did Isaiah 53, which is super hard for kids, but I printed out a very amplified version of the passage, explained it to them and had them draw 6 verses of it. We had 3 new girls who probably wont be back and one of them should have been in the little kids group because she was yr 1. But she didn't want to be separated from her friends. Unfortunately, the activity involved reading and comprehending, something she wasn't capable of doing. Overall though, the activity was a success and I'm quite pleased with how it went.
Sunday evening I visited Unichurch. I had forgotten how big it was. I'm very glad that I'm now a part of a much smaller church. I'm definitely a small church gal. Today is a very lazy day. I had a dream about pancakes, so this morning I had some for breakfast. yum!

Anyway, that is all :)