March 28th, 2008

kitty upside down

Time Away

I went away for a few days to Moore River with some MCU people. There were a few I hadn't met before, but mostly people I'd already met and it went pretty well. I think there was waaay too much sugar though because on Thursday as we were packing up, I became a little depressed and annoyed with everyone for no good reason, so I think that was me coming down off my sugar high. I didn't snap at anyone though, so that was good. I just mulled a bit and was sullen.

Anyway, the entire time away was quite nice. There was a bit of swimming, a bit of studying, some movie watching and game playing. We had a bit of Bible study too. But it was rather informal. There was loads of food!

While I was there, I didn't have access to a computer so so I needed to start on an assignment and did lots of dot points. Then the dot points turned into a skeleton essay. It was then I figured out that I'd just done a draft! It has taken me THIS LONG to work out how to do a draft. I am such a dolt sometimes. But yay for me doing it!