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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

portman casual


“A dangerously subtle message has arisen that says, 'If you are intolerant, then you aren't loving and thus how could you really be a Christian?' Desperately we do whatever we can in order not to offend someone. We are so afraid of being labelled intolerant in our convictions that we become wishy-washy, having no firm values at all.”
-Susan Yates, Character Matters.

cf with this entry.

Last night I went to Boyd's house warming. Not many people were there, but his Mum made terrific food and we danced a bit, so it was a good evening. They (his house mate and him) have a big flat screen tv, it's awesome! I told Jacinta that we'd have to invite ourselves over often to sit on their comfy couches and watch stuff on their big TV. Anyway, it was a good evening. Brittany is a fantastic dancer. She has all this cool styling going on. She makes me look like some kind of cross legged elephant.

Speaking of, I think I had too much chocolate over Easter. Or unhealthy food in general. I've been feeling a bit fat recently. It's probably all in my head... but gah! Stupid self conscience-ness!

Claire Bitch plz

Bitter Tea

Gah. I figure, essay to write, daylight savings has ended and it feels super late even though it's only 8, so I should make myself a pot of super strong tea. Little did I remember, super strong tea is bitter! bleh!

It's now time to get this bitch of an essay written damn it!

Edit 9:35pm: 438/750-1000 words down. Only half way through my second paragraph. Hurrah! Furthermore, this whole citation things is going well. :D

Edit 8:34am: I went to bed at 11pm, having completed 705/750-1000 words. I did this because I was on my second pot/seventh cup of tea and couldn't type properly any more. It took me three turns to "correctly" type in a quote, and even then when I checked it this morning, it was still wrong. Also, I was feeling very ill, like I wanted to throw up. All better this morning though! :D Moral of story: too much tea is definitely a bad thing. Stick with super-coffee to stay awake.