March 31st, 2008

Sylar cold, Peter flame

Some things are Satan Spawn.

Bloody hell!!

So I completed my assignment easily and had outlined the plan for my "knowledge product" (some kind of THING to advocate the arts in education). The lecturer had given us some ideas of this KP in the weeks before, and they can be anything from a pamphlett to a picture book. I decided to do a small comic strip because I can draw and have adobe photoshop on my computer and know how to use it well.

I've used adobe plently of times before with no problem but this time I couldn't use it for 5 minutes without my computer freezing on me. After the 10th freeze (or something about that number) my computer decided it didn't want to work anymore and stopped starting up.

The written assignment had been printed off earlier, so that's all ok, but there's no chance of handing inthe 2nd half short of hell freezing over.

So I called and emailed my lecturer, but after the email I received an auto reply informing me that he's gone away on a research trip thing until April 7th.

So I prayed, yelled, screamed, swore, cried and called Dad (no reply). I have a Japanese test tomorrow and have been watching 5 episodes of Buffy straight (well, inbetween the calling and emailing) in order to distract me from the overwhelming depression cloud. After my Japanese class this morning I asked some classmates to come over this evening and study with me, so I hope that will still happen and go well. And be distracting.

Damned computer. And this time not in jest, damn that computer. I hate it!
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