April 8th, 2008

Rhett Butler smug

Updating at Uni

Here I am, at uni, updating my LJ. ...that is all really.

Oh wait, that test that I had on Tuesday last week went well. I got 74% for it, and I'm rather pleased with that. When I was studing with my classmates on Monday I wrote up a short thing that Sensei had warned us of in the test, then I got the Japanese students to check it for me, so that I was well prepared for it in the test. So yay!

Things are going much better for me this week. I talked to my lecturer and he says that I can hand in what I have of my assignment.

God and me are going well. I am feeling content at the moment, and I'm praying again. Last week the motivation to pray was way down, which I think isn't surprising given the status of my compter. But all is well now. Hurrah!