April 10th, 2008

Claire young glasses

Nothing entry

My cat is such an attention whore. I'm sitting at my desk, typing away at some forum board offering my 2c, and Atticus is right next to the keyboard, lying down, purring away. He's so cute.

In other news, omg! I'm at my computer! The dead one! Actually, is not my computer, is Gene's computer that he has given me! Isn't he lovely!? thank you Gene!!!

I've been making dinner these past few nights. mmmm, dinner. Is yummy, and on the topic of food, I want breakfast! My stomach is growling, or that could be Atty who has moved to my lap and is digging his claws into my leg! I really have nothing of interest to say in this entry, except to thank Gene of course.

I have other thoughts, but they're so transient that I don't really want to record them, because they'll leave soon anyway.