April 12th, 2008

Claire cutie

Gratuitous post praising Gene for his excellent aid fixing my computer

computer is done!! Huzzah!

It was all finished late last night. I went to Clare's for our weekly Bible study together, then I bussed it home, met Gene and worked on computer. I made risotto, which was very yummy and am having for lunch today. While we were waiting for files to finish transferring, we watched a movie, played with Atticus (who eventually succumbed to Gene's lap and had a nap there) and potted about. So it's more compact, black and looks cool. Yay! :D
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Today's doings

Tonight I went to Tom's for a dinner in honour of Durston going to Japan and then Canada. he will be gone for longer than a year and this is a very sad occasion. Thankfully though, it was a pretty good evening. We had these mexican things. Anyway, it was good.

I'm working all day shifts on Wednesday and Saturday next week and I also managed to score a couple of hours each on Monday and Thursday. Yay, monies!
Today there was a bit of confusion about which department I was meant to be in. I spent the first half of my shift in petites woman's wear and the second half in children's. Wasn't too bad. I organised all the clothing on the racks and managed to get very familiar with little girl's clothing and was able to help some customers. Unfortunately, we didn't have anything like what they were looking for, but I was able to know that already, instead of blindly trying to find out!

God had blessed me abundantly recently! Thank you Father! :D

greygnome: Can you come over Sunday afternoon to do that thing with Window's Home Office installing and the cd rom drive? You also left a stack of cds here. :) I ought to be home from church by 12:30-1ish.