May 4th, 2008

Hiro waffles

Going to Japan

I don't think I've had a proper post about it yet, so I'll write about it now.

I'm going to Japan from the start of Dec till mid Feb! I'm going there to work with an organisation called TEAM Japan. They are a mission organisation and the kind of work I'll be doing is working with an already established church and giving a helping hand. Probably helping with Christmas and holiday programs, ESL classes and Bible studies. That kind of stuff. They haven't yet told me what I'll be doing, but I assume that's what it'll be. I'm probably going to stay somewhere in or near Tokyo.

Although I'll be working with TEAM Japan, I'll be going through CMS (Church Missionary Society). So my medical check up was a CMS requirement. All the paperwork I need to fill out is CMS, there's a preparation camp I need to go on in Melbourne that's a CMS thing, etc.

So this is one small step towards my goal of becoming a long term missionary. I'm rather excited as it's ONLY 7 months away - and yet 7 whole long months away!!