May 6th, 2008

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Westboro Baptist

I stayed up late tonight for a couple of reasons. 1) Desperate Housewives was on. 2) Boston Legal is back on. 3) After Boston Legal was this doco about the Westboro Baptist church. A church that has made a big name for itself for picketing funerals and spreading a message of hate.

It was a very interesting documentary. Louis Theroux did a good job of doing his best to portray them as unbiasedly as he could. There was still bias, as there always is, but he portrayed them in the occasional sympathetic light.

So, my thoughts on that church. I tried to think of good points about Westboro Baptist, but I only had the one.
- It was encouraging in that they were bold in distinguishing right from wrong in this society that's so post-post modern and morals are determined by ones self. Collapse )
- None of them were certain about themselves going to Heaven. Louis asked a number of them about it, and none could surely say that they were going to Heaven! This is wrong! A Christian's hope is in their certainty of going to heaven. I am fully confident that that is where I'm going. Not by my own efforts, but because of what Jesus has done and my faith in that!
- Although they made sin plain to people (or tried to) they didn't offer any solution to it. At all! Even to themselves. Their own salvation was in them trying to turn from sin using their own efforts and works. I think that is why their salvation is unsure.
- They completely missed out showing grace and love to people. Love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, none of these were shown in their actions to people outside their church! Jesus did get angry at people now and then, but he was gracious and loving far more often. In fact, he loved us so much, that he died on a cross to pay for our sins.

If there was a way to be right with God by just turning from sin and sinning no more, then Jesus' death doesn't have much point, because we could be righteous on our own efforts. But we can't be right with God on our own efforts, we need an intercessor, someone to pay the price for what we've done wrong and will continue to do wrong until we die. There is no hope of escaping sin in this life. That is why Jesus' death is so important and our faith in that as sufficient. God gives us a helper, the Holy Spirit to help us in turning from sin, to help make us Godly. But that work will not be complete in this life, though we strive for it.

So it was very interesting. I want to sit down with a Bible and discuss these things with one of them, but I fear that nothing would be gained by it, so I'll just pray. God is sovereign, and he can use the good things of the world to bring about his plans, as well as the bad. I don't understand how, but he can. So I'll pray and trust. And do my best to speak in love.

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