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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

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Progress is happening:
Firstly, I have finally caught up with all my uni work since the great computer crash of '08 (three-four weeks ago) so yay!

Secondly, I have caught a cold. I had to go home early yesterday from work because everything was a little dizzy and I felt so ill.

Thirdly, I have caught an email (just to continue to "I have caught" trend) from Mike letting me know that I'll either be working in Kobe or Takmatsu. I also caught up with Clare who let me in on a bunch of good ideas and guidelines for fundraising. So I went and visited Alys Hedley who is now my "support coordinator." That means she sends out a letter on my behalf letting people know about my financial situation and she is a signatory on the bank account we set up to receive funds. So she is the one holding me accountable to the money I receive. :)

Oh, Fourthly, I went out to Leederville on Friday night. I went to a couple of clubs with some people I know through various Christian groups, and although I went with Christians, clubs really aren't my scene. They're too noisy to talk, I don't like free dancing so much (unless it's with Jacinta or just not in a club, lol) and it costs too much money. Also, there are sleazy guys. boo.
However, there were a couple of girls there whom I get on with really well and I had fun hanging with them. :D

Finally, if you are feeling led to donate to the Get-Kat-To-Japan fund, then the details can be found here. If you're not an lj user/friended by me, then email me for the details, or comment and I'll friend you.

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Commission or Commandment?

Sorry to post again and clog up your friend's pages, but I had a thought and wanted to share it. I'll stick it behind an LJ cut so it wont take up too much space.
Great Commission vs Great CommandmentCollapse )