May 12th, 2008


Slight layout change

I have tweaked things a little with my layout. I now have a header and no longer have the excellent Blind Guardian background. It was one or the other, so I decided to try the header for a little while. It will not be hard to switch back. The downside to this layout, is there's more black. Which I don't really like, but am finding it hard to match another colour to it. I wish I still had adobe (yes gimp is free, but it'd take all this time to figure out how to use, :P) so I could fiddle some more with ideas.

If any of you remember how it was, lemme know if you like the difference or prefer it the other way, as I'm rather undecided. Although, after a little thought, the header now provides more continuity with my Myspace and Blogspot (which I really ought to update soon, maybe I'll do some cross posting with some older entries from here)
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    Blind Guardian - Nightfall