May 13th, 2008

Dr Who tea

Thoughts: layout stays

I'm feeling better about long term Japan prospects. I'm feeling better about Japanese class. I'm feeling better about my new layout change. I rather like loading my LJ and having my nice shiny up the top. It makes me feel good about my lj. :)

Today I've been neck deep in Bible study and theology. It's been good. :) I like being an Australian Christian. I like being a Biblical Christian and not tied down to legalism. I like that I am under grace.

I feel like in the preparation to go to Japan, that I'm sobering up a bit, working on some of those niggly little sins that typically go unchecked. I'm feeling better about it, that they're getting some work done on them. But even though I often fail at getting them under control, I'm reminded today that I'm under grace and my sanctification will not be complete in this life. So that makes me feel better too. I have freedom to work on it (responsibility even), but I'm under grace and God has it under control. Yay!