May 15th, 2008

Sylar cold, Peter flame

Changing Food

Last night greygnome came over and helped me cook some foods. We made
-Beef and Guinness Pie: I'd forgotten to put beef stock in and it tasted very much of Guinness. Next time, remember beef stock.
-Kangaroo Pie: The inside gravy tastes good and it looks good! It's kangaroo, red wine and mushrooms. According to Heather, they're Pot-Pies. *shrug*
-Beef Rendang: when I made my list of foods to cook, this wasn't on the list. I grabbed a packet of rendang sauce when I was in the supermarket and bought some extra meat. Easy!
-Chicken Penang Curry: made it before, it tastes good.
-Chicken Risotto: I doubled the recipe, so I have heaps and heaps of risotto.

All of these are in the freezer now and I should be fed up for the next few weeks! :D Then we cooked some packet mix cake into muffins, and ate those while watching Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. Movie = good fun, but the theological incorrectness bugged me at times. But then, I'm the kind of person who watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3 going "They're falling faster then the ship! wtf!? Physics man; it's just not working in this movie!!" I also wanted to know what was propelling Iron Man while I was watching that movie. So these things have a tendency to bug me.

I like to talk about myself and build myself up a lot. Recently, because I'm working on missionary stuff, I need to provide instances of where I've worked for the church, and go into lots of detail too. So now I've become rather shy about talking about that stuff. I mean, I have to sometimes, particularly when I do deputation at various churches I have contacts with, but I still feel like I'm an egomaniac by doing it. "check me out, I do this and that at church! Aren't I so good!" gah!

It'll be ok, it's just weird how before I wanted people to know, now I'm shy about it.

I think I'm becoming quite a different person from a few years ago. But then, I was reading some old diary/LJ entries and I was a bit afraid that I hadn't changed at all. Have I changed?