May 18th, 2008

Claire classy


I worked at Myer today. It was a bit stressful in the afternoon, until I realised that I didn't have to stress, because I was the one who'd placed way too much responsibility on myself unnecessarily. Once I realised that, less stress!

I also bought 4 bras for Mum, hopefully one will fit her! and for me, a new blouse and a jumper. It's a very pretty blouse. It's white with black dots and small purple flowers print, and a tie at the front. The jumper is quite long, with a cowl neck and short, wide sleeves. I like them both. I bought them without trying them on, but with the Myer returns policy, it's not hard to return things so long as I keep the receipt and tags. But they fit well and look nice, so I'll keep them. :)

Anyway, bed time now, *yawns*