May 19th, 2008



Today I: went to class; went into the city for a meeting with Steve, the CMS guy; went to Betts and bought some boots!

It seems that every season, I buy one pair of shoes. Typically because my last year's shoes are all worn out, or I've out grown them or whatever. Or just to very slowly expand my shoe collection for various occassions. So this winter, I've been hunting down boots! I've done quite a bit of looking, but most look rather the same after a short time. I've been looking for a couple of months now. I found these:

But I thought they looked a bit dicky on. With pants they are very cute, but it'd be hard to find other things to wear them with.
Then I found these:

I fell in love with them. I found them first on the website and then went to try them on today. I asked for them to be put on hold for a couple of hours, then I thought about it and looked around for something similar but cheaper, then asked if they'd go on sale any time soon, then figured that even if they did, they might not have my size by then. So I bought them!

The ribbons and trim remind me of steampunk and as I've been getting into the genre a little, I am excited to own these boots!