May 28th, 2008



I had my Japanese Oral and Aural today. I wasn't terribly impressed with my performance in the aural, but given there wasn't much I could have done to prepare... eh. I was pleased with how I did in the Oral though. I decided not to care all that much and just get through it best I could by stringing words together in some hazy semblance of a sentence. I think I did alright.

I don't think I'll do Japanese next semester. I was thinking of maybe switching some units around and doing it next year after my trip to Japan. That way I would have had more time to consolidate my language skills. But then, I may not even pass this semester. I think I will... but not by much I'm thinking.

I did the vacuuming today. Waaay over due. I also cleaned the kitchen floor. I'm a bit annoyed at Cuda actually. Heather keeps letting him traipse his dirty paws through the house and on the carpet. So although I've vacuumed the floor, it don't look much like it. *annoyed face* Hopefully though, she'll make him stay in the laundry tonight as he's been digging in the backyard in the wet weather. So not happy!

In other news, I was able to talk to Brookie, one of my - American friends this morning from South Carolina. It seems like this completely different world that she comes from. One where they eat squirrels and most things are deep friend and they speak with funny accents and rednecks are a part of every day life. It made me giggle. We had a good chat.

Anyway, I should probably start studying for my Japanese exam on Friday... but meh. I'm so incredibly unenthused. boo
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