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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

Simon love, Kaylee love


My Japanese exam was yesterday and it was certainly one of those times when God is glorified when I am weak.

After my oral on Wednesday, I was so buggered from study that I just couldn't bring myself to it. And I was beyond caring about Japanese, that going into the exam, I really wasn't stressed out about it. I just figured I'd do the best I could and leave it at that. But the exam wasn't that hard. I mean, I couldn't complete all of it, but I did complete about 80-90% of it and don't think I did too badly. I'm fairly confident I'll pass the unit. :)

Laura's staying with my over the long weekend. We made pizzas last night. Homemade pizzas and fantastic. Then we ate some chocolate pudding (the Australian kind) and watched the first 2 Matrix movies. It was a good evening. Today we're going to go shopping a bit later, and then I think I'm going to a party. :)

It bucketting down with rain today. The power has gone out twice now. I like the rain. But it turns out the sky light in the bathroom is a bit leaky. :P