June 3rd, 2008

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Things are going okay. Laura stayed over on the weekend and it was nice to have her here. Not much else has been going on. My favourite blogger, Slacktivist shared a funny comedy scenario in his most recent entry. Collapse )

I've been watching a bit of comedy on youtube. So funny! I really don't have much else to add.

Oh, my exams will be over after Thursday and then I'm going back on the Japan-campaign trail. If you'd like to receive a very official letter, then please give me your postal address. You can screen a comment or email it to me at etimodnar at gmail dot com
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Anger and Compassion

Here's an article on Boundless on anger and bitterness. I really enjoyed reading it; I found it thought provoking.

There's a movie called Paradise Road about a bunch of women in a Japanese prisoner camp in Sumatra during WW2. At one point in the movie, Adrienne asks Margaret why she isn't angry at the Japanese holding them hostage. Margaret responds that she's tried to be angry, but the more things the Japs do wrong against them, the more sorry for them she feels. She really is a very sweet character, ^.^ I hope that I can be like that. I find that I am the kind of person that holds on to grudges a bit and often rants about them. I don't want to be like that. I want to be forgiving and not feel anger. I want to feel compassion instead.

Anger, if not let go, can make people very bitter. And anger takes many forms. When people do wrong against me, it's all too easy to be the victim and feel sorry for myself and become angry. It's easy to be angry at war and famine and sickness. But if kept angry, what does it accomplish? These terrible things should propel us into acting against them, but anger isn't a good and productive response. Compassion rather, will help us to see both sides of the story and become peacemakers, to find solutions that don't end in anger. Compassion is motivated by love, even when the objects of compassion don't deserve it, and that is what God has extended to us, grace and compassion.

I have a friend whose so complete arrogant and proud... and so many other things. I find it so extremely hard to love him. And I also find it hard to have compassion on him. But already, my heart wants to have compassion, rather than feel eaten up with indignation and anger. It almost feels like a disease to have anger. To be without anger, feel so freeing. Forgiveness and forgiving also feel very freeing, to not be under a yoke of slavery to anger and bitterness. I never want to be a bitter old woman.