June 11th, 2008



woke up in middle of night, can't get back to sleep. Cold, pain.
The sinuses hurt, my head feels like it's going to explode, it really hurts. Hurts to swallow, hurts to have my eyes open, hurts to have my eyes closed, hurts to shiver, hurts to listen. I did some small tests on myself in bed. I'd stay still, then do something to see the reaction. I think thinking hurts too.

I took 2 nurofen rapid, that's the strongest stuff in the house.

I can't believe how much my head hurts. And man I hope this clears up.

I've been on prac this week. Class of 30 yr 1s, and apparently the brattiest yr 1 class my teacher has ever had. I'm supposed to be teaching 3 lessons today! I did the lesson plans yesterday and typed them up and have worksheets and everything.

Father, please heal me from this pain. Please take it away!
Marie Antoinette bath

flu on prac

I have a flu I think.

So last night I woke up with a massive headache, as I blogged. But I managed to get back to sleep with the aid of nurofen. This morning I'm feeling better (a bit ill, but no headache), so I figure I'll try going to school and see how I go. After teaching a class in the morning and being completely out of it, I decided to go home. Good decision. Everyone was totally understanding, most of them got super sick in their first year of teaching and they all get that it's exhausting -even though I'm only on prac.

I was rather pleased with my lesson. I taught yr 1s to recognise speech marks. They had a book and had to read the words in the speech marks. I would like to do some consolidating work, but I don't think I'll be at school tomorrow. I already called up and gave my regrets.
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I do feel better now, but I'm still incredibly low on energy and my bucket is not going to leave my side tonight. I think Buffy and Criminal Minds will help with the recovery process. Buffy is comfort TV. :) I'm feeling crap, but optimistic. Hopefully after tonight, the worst will be past.