June 12th, 2008

kitty and mouse

feeling better

I ended up watching Criminal Minds last night, which really effected my dreams. I remember being with all my little yr 1s and all of us trying to solve a murder case. Amusing.

I had my heater waaaay up last night. So much so, that I was able to kick off my blankets and still be warm. It was really nice though, to be so warm. Fevers are the bodies reaction to bugs: The body raises it's temperature so that the bugs will die from the heat. So I'm hoping that all the heat last night has contributed. I've had my morning cold and flu tablets and a piece of bread for breakfast and I'm feeling much better. Still a little head-achy, but I no longer want to die! hurrah! Nor do I feel nauseous. w00tzor!

Anyway, it's a quiet day in today. I want to fully recover and then be ok for the weekend as Sunday is my birthday. Also, Dad bought my the leather jacket for my birthday! Yay for my parents!

I would be very super excited, cept for the lack of energy. But I do hope it arrives today or tomorrow! I'm very thankful for such generous parents. ^.^
Anya loving

yay for parents!!

So my lovely parents generously bought me the leather jacket I'd been wanting, even though I gave them the escape clause by whole heartedly expressing my love for Mum's white chocolate chip biscuits. It arrived in the mail today, along with some other little tidbits from Sportsgirl.
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If I look pale, it's because I'm still sick. I managed to get myself dressed just so I could take some pics and email them to parents. :D

I went for a walk this evening to mail some letters and the jacket kept me nice and warm. I've been laying off the talking today and probably need to gargle with some salt water, because my throat is rather croaky and hurty. The walk wouldn't've helped, but I needed to get out of the house. I'm surprised I've stayed awake all day actually. I think I will sleep well tonight!