June 16th, 2008

birthday cuppycake

Yesterday was my birthday

t'was my birthday yesterday. It was a pretty average day, but that's ok. :)

I woke up at 9, church at 10, home by 12. Hung out a bit, then the power went off so I didn't have the material to prepare for kid's church as it was on the computer. But I knew it was Romans 6, so I managed to throw something together. I had a nap until 4. Heather's phone was meant to wake her up at 3, but she sent it for 3am accidentally. But my grandparents called at 4, which woke me up. Went to kid's church, Ian said I did a good job, so that made me pleased that I'd been successful. :) Then I went to the Captain Stirling for steak and beer. People came by to say happy birthday and share some beer/chips with me. It was a good evening. ^.^

Also, I received a couple of surprise presents. Intan and Matt came and gave me a shawl and a book on winning scrabble. It was very thoughtful of them. I'd been thinking just a week ago that I would like a shawl, so it was quite providential! :D And my friend Nifty gave me a potted plant which already has flowers, so I might be able to keep it alive. There are also little flowers poking up from the soil already. So I'm looking forward to them becoming big flowers.

So now I have a feeling I'm meant to be at uni... but I checked the online unit and it says that I'm meant to be there Tuesday and Thursday. Which gives me today off. Is weird not having something to do. Odd