June 19th, 2008

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gracious, I haven't updated since Monday! Well, Monday I spent much time bumming around the place because I was at a loss for things to do. If I did do anything, I've forgotten about it.

Tuesday I had uni. I went in for lecture, I bought a file to store all my prac stuff in and I attended class. Wednesday I helped Heather in her class at school. We drove in early in the morning and left late in the afternoon, but I helped put stuff on the walls and edit the student's work and I even taught them some stuff about grammar. In doing this, I actually did some work on my assignment too! like wow! I really enjoy teaching. I even asked if I can do some relief work in the last week of uni holidays, which'll be the 2nd week of 3rd term. I think it may be up to the discretion of the school. In any event, It'd be a darn sight better than Myer work. Although I do moderately enjoy retail, I much prefer teaching ^.^

Wednesday night I went to a dinner at Bin 305 in the city for the WSCBC kid's church leaders. We had a lot of fun and the food was, as always, terrific. In fact, the manager recognised me from before, talked to the chefs and said that I could buy the cherry tomato relish! 2L for $30! Well, I didn't have that amount of money on me, but omg w00tzor! Maybe next time, ~.^

Now today I have danced around the house but now I need to do the dishes, work on my assignment and go to this interview thing I have in Shenton Park for my CMS application process. *sigh*

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Badgering Pizza Boys

I bused to it Shenton Park and back today. Wasn't all bad. I got to read on the bus, I saved petrol, walking from my house to the bus stop and the house in Shenton Park wasn't very far, but far enough to fool me into thinking I'd done some exercise. ^.^

I ordered pizza for dinner and the boy on the phone was rather unprofessional. Apparently he needed to sell a certain number of pizzas before he could go home and there was this double-the-toppings special that he wanted me to buy. Anyway, I ordered 2 because I have a buy one, get one free coupon. He needed to sell one more OR sell me the special and I know this because he was begging me on the phone. What do I care!? I know what I wanted for dinner, I didn't want to bargain with this boy. It was very unprofessional and I told him as such. Didn't stop the "oh, please please please!" Amusing, yet annoying.