June 23rd, 2008

kitty little and lonely

Teeth dreams

Ever since I saw the dentist on Saturday, I've been having nightmares about my teeth falling out. Which is dumb. I have no cavities, apparently my teeth are just fine! I do need a wisdom tooth taken out though. But that's all and it's not even urgent. Stupid dreams!
Hiro facegrass

Running for Busses

I've been running to catch public transport a fair bit recently. What with high fuel prices and a sudden desire to not drive because the novelty has worn off, I've been bussing and training it. This afternoon I left at a good time to get to the bus stop, but the bus came early so I had to run that last little bit. This evening the train pulled into the station just as I was swiping my rider. On Sunday, the bus was waiting at the bus stop a little bit longer than it usually does, but the stop was far away, so I thought if I ran for it I might just catch it. As it started pulling away, I waved my arms at it and it waited for me ^.^

I'm quite certain that there have been a few other near misses very recently.

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