June 24th, 2008

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Student Foibles

One of my students has a crush on me. On one hand, it's kinda cute and he behaves well for me (sits up, does the work I ask him to, etc). On the other hand, it's kinda awkward and embarrassing for him (possibly also for me, but I just feel it for him). He's in yr 1, so it's still socially acceptable to hug your teachers, but he hugs me every opportunity he gets and he'll sit on the mat and wave his arms at me as if he expects me to sit down there with him so he can sit in my lap like a mother-son kinda thing.

I'm glad I'm not there for too long, but I still feel like I need to tackle this issue without letting him down completely. Hugs are cool with me and I'm allowed to hug kids, so long as I don't initiate and there's other teachers in the room etc. To make sure I'm not some creep or anything. But... I don't think I'm comfortable with him hugging me quite that much.

I also ran an activity this afternoon that involved copying some text from the board then tracing our hands and then decorating. He diligently copied the text and then traced his hand and draw lots of pictures in it, including one picture that was supposedly me.

AWKWARD!! I think I need to speak to my mentor teacher about this first thing tomorrow morning.

He's a sweet kid, well behaved, pays attention and works hard at his school work... but this is awkward.
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