June 28th, 2008


Saturday Kid's Programs => Pooped

It's been a few days since I blogged. I really enjoy teaching! I sent an email to WACOT enquiring about getting a number so I can relief teach while I'm completing my studies, but they said I need to have the qualifications first. :P I have a friend who works at WACOT though, so I might give him a call and see what he says.

So I was at school Mon-Fri and then on Thurs I received a reminder email to tell me I was helping out with the kid's program at a CMS conference today. *groan* But it turned out to be not too bad. In fact, I just kinda slid into the teaching role again. I used all my class management skills to get them to behave and it happened pretty naturally.

They had to write a letter to some missionaries in the afternoon and the woman in charge of the program intended to just let them at it. But I asked her if I could get them started instead. So I got the white board and my trusty marker and got to it! I asked them what they knew about letters, how to start them, what kind of questions we could ask the missionaries and wrote up some sentence frames (My name is _______ and I like ________. &c) to help the less able kids. There were a couple of kids in pre-primary and yrs 1 &2 who did fantastic letters all on their own. They sounded out the words and wrote them down (they spelt them wrong (favourite = fafrit), but I was so proud of them for trying really hard and giving their best effort!!) and wrote some questions and signed their name at the end. It worked really well! I accidentally brought my sticker box and ended up giving out a bunch of stickers to kids who'd worked hard and once they knew I was giving them out, they all worked hard. It was a pretty good day, but now I'm pooped!

I do love teaching and today was good, but maybe I won't volunteer to do whole day Saturday kids activities when next in the middle of prac. :P

Also, when driving home I was delayed by a crash at an intersection. A truck had ploughed into two traffic light posts and was completely blocking the road in one direction. As I was driving towards the intersection, some police, ambulance and fire cars/trucks came whizzing past me to help. My fellow drivers and I had to take this detour through a parking lot in order to continue on our way. Rather exciting. It looked like no one was seriously injured (there were no stretchers) so that's a blessing!