July 1st, 2008

buffy smile

Better Today

I'm feeling better today. I went to bed at 9 last night. Heather and I were planning to watch Criminal Minds as we thought it started at 8:30, but upon finding out it started later, I decided to "stuff this!" and I went to bed. I slept rather well and had a good day at school today.

My lesson plan was waaaay too ambitious for the little year ones, so I had to adapt it. I got brownie points from my mentor teacher for being flexible, but I was a bit disappointed it took me a while to clue on that it needed adapting. Poor kids though, having to endure me. lol. I gave out stickers during silent reading for those kids being silent though. :D

Now, I need to plan my viewing lesson tomorrow that I'm rather excited about.

I have been thinking about different kinds of Christianity recently. Particularly as I've been teaching in Catholic school. I don't want to be exclusive, but neither do I want to be liberal and too lenient on Biblical authority and doctrine. Various things have given me food for though and I'm cautious about drawing conclusions on my thinking just yet.