July 4th, 2008

Kitty doesn't approve


My lesson plan yesterday was much more oriented at the children and their age ability, so they really enjoyed it and I was glad that they enjoyed it, but I found it rather boring. So that's that.

In other news, Kath and Kim is going to be American-ised. NBC will remake it with Molly Shannon and Selma Blair as Kath and Kim respectively. I'm not a huge fan of the original (funny, but makes me cringe too often) but I'm rather apprehensive of this remake as the show is kinda one of our Aussie icons. Sad.
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Prac has ended!

Prac is finished. Hurrah! I had my final meeting with my mentor teacher, Amy, and my prac supervisor, Cherie this afternoon. They told me a lot of things I'd heard before from Amy during the three weeks but it was hard hearing it all at once at the end. Cherie in particular had said that I don't have enough confidence in the classroom, but God knows that it's so terribly hard to have confidence in a class that's not my own, being watched and graded by 1-3 people every lesson, with year group that's out of my comfort zone. No confidence!

A couple of lessons ago, I'd asked for silence and been picked up on not enforcing it, even thought it wasn't bad noise (the noise of busy workers). So yesterday I really enforced the silence even though I didn't think it would be appropriate because it was the last lesson my supervisor would see and I wanted her to see that I could be confident whilst teaching even though the kids were making the noise of excited and busy workers (not bad noise). This afternoon, they picked up on the confidence thing again and 5 minutes later made mention of yesterday, that I was being too harsh with the kids. I burst out crying at that point. It just seemed so hypocritical and two faced to be giving such conflicting advice!! I practically yelled at them, I was so upset by it.

But I went and washed my face afterwards and I was ok. Their ending comments were positive, it's just they focussed more on the stuff I could improve upon, because that's why I was there, to become a better teacher ...it was just hard to hear.

So now, because I'm a big girl, I will have indian tonight and maybe see a movie, or rent some movies and stay in. Driving to Carnarvon in 3 sleeps!!
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