July 15th, 2008

bird on twig

Bush BBQs

Today I went to Rocky Pool with parents for a bush BBQ. It was really nice. We have these lamb things and bush eggs (which everyone has a different name for. Essentially, they are a piece of bread with a hole cut in the middle and an egg cracked open in the middle. You know what they are. I call them bush eggs). Rocky pool is in the middle of the gascoyne River. When the river is actually flowing, then there's no pool. But when the river is no more than a trickle, there's a pool at a particularly low point. We went for a walk up the trickle a bit and that was quite nice. Then we walked back, collecting bits of fire wood. We got out this BBQ plate that Dad's had since before he became married.

It reminded me of all these bush barbies we used to have back in the day. We used to go to the breakaways a bit of a drive away from Laverton and these old sites that had some kind of nice view. Some days we used to just go for an explore in the 4WD, stop at a nice location, have lunch and drive back. Those were good times. I hope I have good times like that in my future.
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