July 19th, 2008

Dr Who tea

Blessings in Disguise

So on Wednesday, I made it as far as Geraldton before my car broke down. Thank God it didn't break down till then :D. I actually made it all the way to the Anglican Cathedral. The first mechanic I called was booked up till mid next week, but he gave me some number of other mechanics I could call. The next one I called could look at my car immediately and even drove out to pick up the car (time that they graciously didn't charge me for). Thank God there was a mechanic available to look at my car at such short notice. They told me my clutch needed replacing. But thank God there was a second hand clutch in Geraldton. About an hour after I was returned to the Cathedral, they called me to tell me it was actually the gearbox that needed doing. But thank God there was a second hand gearbox available in Geraldton and that the clutch didn't need replacing after all.

There is a fold out bed in one of the offices at the Cathedral, but Wayne and his wife Gladys live next door to the office and had a spare room, so they let me stay there instead and then feed me fantastic lasanga for dinner. Thank God for their generousity! The next day I kept busy by helping to paint the sign out the front of the church (Google doesn't have all the answers) and I was told my car would be ready by about 1-ish. It was ready at 1:30, but I didn't end up leaving Geraldton till 3, which meant I'd be driving the last hour or two at night. But thank God He kept me safe from kangaroos and other cars. There were quite a few cars on the road actually which helped me to feel safe because it tricked my mind into thinking that kangaroos will be more likely to stay away from busy roads (no idea if that's true or not, but I suspect not because of all the carcasses I saw). It was rather scary actually. Since hitting that kangaroo a couple of year ago, driving at night in the bush kinda freaks me out. Especially as my car had only just been repaired (for the bargain price of $1200).

Anyway, yesterday I saw Batman with Lise and it was fantastic and my crush on Christian Bale is a helpful (albiet unrealistic) distraction from having crushed on other men in my life and then I went to Little Creatures in Freo, spent good time with friends and ate great pizza.

Today is laundry day and I also intend on planting some seeds into some dirt and going rock climbing.

The End. :D