July 20th, 2008

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Yesterday I weeded a patch of garden. It felt good to get the soil all prepared for planting. Then this afternoon after church, I stopped off at Bunnings and bought some seedlings and planted them. I had also weeded my herb patch, so I put in some coriander and ... green... stuff. Name escapes my head. Parsley I think. Afterwards, I put in the pak choy (slightly taller than bok choy) and tomatoes. I hope they grow!!

I'm very excited about this. I also tidied up the far end of the patch. In Jan/Feb, with the help of friends, I'd moved the paving stones from this area and used bricks to create a border, but it only went around two of the three edges that needed a border. So today I put bricks into the third edge. The forth edge is the shed wall. I also moved the paving stones to create a small path around this third edge. I intend on making the path extend to the compost bin, but haven't gotten that far yet. The paving stones are mightily heavy!! I was very diligent with bending from the knees and not my back.

MYC is happening next week from tomorrow. Mid Year Conference is the best Christian camp of the year (maybe NTE is also good, but is more expensive for travel reasons as it's held in Canberra. I've never been). It's being held on the Trinity and I'm rather excited. I'm also hoping to work some more in the garden the following week before uni starts again. Speaking of which, I need to contact the uni regarding my units for next semester. My results still haven't been released - due to the education units running on a different timetable. So that needs sorting out.

I'm also thinking that if I don't do well next semester, I may not finish my degree. I don't want to spend 6 years on a four year degree for a vocation I only intend on spending 4 years max in anyway. So I'm thinking about other options. But I guess I'll see how it goes with this semester before making a big decision like that.
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