July 28th, 2008

Dawnie squee

Been a Little While

...since I posted something. MYC was last week and it was fantastic! Every year we look at a topic and this year was the Trinity and it was just amazing. I feel like my relationship with God is much deeper now because I know more his nature. It really is amazing. I hope to write up a more in depth thing on the Trinity on my blogspot, maybe this evening or tomorrow. I also hope to continue pulling apart that book I was reading for the sake of exposing heresy.

I did some more gardening on Saturday and put in broccoli, lettuce and onions into the big patch and sage, thyme and chilli into the herb bed. I also laid down a couple more paving stones and did some more weeding. The paving stones are so heavy, I can only do 2-3 in one day before I'm pooped. But that's ok. I don't want to overdo it, but I'm having fun with what I'm working on. People at church suggested that since I'm in a rental, I should plant things into pots, but it's much more fulfilling to put it into the ground, and so what if I move out and someone else gets my veggies? Yay for them. I just hope they take care of them well. I'd just have to start all over again, which still carries a sense of accomplishment with it. It's a bit funny that on one hand, it would be nice if Heather and I found men to marry, but on the other hand, I'm quite happy with the arrangement we have and the effort I get to put into the garden now.

I passed Learning Through the Arts. They haven't found one of my assignments, which is why they gave me a NA. But I gave my lecturer a call and he says they'll look for it. But even without it, I've received 57% for that unit, which is a pass. I won't pass Primary Curriculum I though. I still don't know whether that means I can continue education or not yet.

This morning I watched West Wing, which I only started watching recently. Before I started, I was all "politics, American politics, bleh!" but it's actually really good. I don't understand some of their systems, but it's full of dry humour and I like watching the characterisation and the way they deal with various issues that come up. Also, have the entire first season means I don't have to wait a whole week for the next episode to come out and risk loosing interest in the series. That happens with so many TV shows.

Funny story: there used to the this show called Ocean Girl when I was in Primary School (about yr 4-5). Each week I would rush home from school and be so excited about it. I got so incredibly head-rushy excited about it. It was my absolute favouritest tv show in the whole entire world!!!1!1!! But I don't ever feel that way any more, about most things. I think it's just that I can contain my excitement about various things a bit more. Maybe the opportunity to be that excited doesn't arise that often. Bu I guess more to the point, was that I don't ever get that excited about TV shows. But in watching a tv show like I am West Wing, that is to say, in watching it without waiting a week for a new episode, I get more emersed into it and can feel more excited about it when I leave.

So that was a fair bit of introspection for me, I feel as though I should now balance that with something inane. So... like.. hair. Totally.

Anyone have a favourite TV show from when they were young with a Wikipedia article about it?