July 30th, 2008

Elliot off with the faries

Doing Crafty Stuff to Brighten the House

Today has been another day of ease. I'm kinda looking forward to uni going back, but I'm enjoying this time off to pursue other crafty things I like doing. This afternoon I printed some photos and I've make them into a collage to put on to a wall. I have two big frames and three canvases to put up around the house. It is my goal over the next couple of days to make this house look nice. It's kinda boring. The collage isn't fantastic, but it's a start and it's not terrible. :)

Yesterday Alys and I hung out and went to Ikea. I picked up these shades to go over some of the light fittings in the house. So now we don't have those terrible old fringy, kinda moldy shades.

I killed some caterpillars today. They were eating my pak choy, so I exacted the death penalty upon them. I don't believe they suffered much (mwahahaha). My veggies are coming along nicely though. Very time I check them, I get bit excited that they're still alive. lol

I'm totally addicted to Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog. I downloaded a copy the other day and keeping playing it in the background. Very soon I'll have memorised all the lyrics. :D