August 2nd, 2008


The Results!

Alys came over last night and was crafty with me. She didn't get home till 1:10am though.
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Today, the plan is to clean the house and go to a quiz night. On one hand, the week's gone quite quickly, but it was also slow and leisurely. *sigh* Time passes at weird rates.
Hiro >A_A<

Quiz nights!

wah-hah! I just came home from a quiz night and they are so much fun! My table was Table Awesome! We won like, every round and every side-quiz-thing they had going on. There were 8 rounds of the quiz, but they also had two other sheets of paper that we could take our time filling out. One was full of "wally" questions - "what is the procedure for a growth removed from your head? a haircut" - kinda questions. The others were cyptic Western Australian town names - "a boy's and a girl's name. Leonora" - and we managed to get all 25 right! Go us!

We managed to win the big quiz by about 5 points, so we all ended up with a bottle of wine, as well as some of the various prizes given out for spot questions. Anyway, I had fun calling out misleading and stupid answers, but occasionally contributing properly. It was a bit of a rush when we found out we'd won so often, but the evening was such good fun! Last quiz night I went to, I won that one too. So I think now I'm addicted. Celeste and I are looking to go to another one in a month or so and if anyone's interested in making a table with us, that'd be grand!