August 12th, 2008

Marie Antoinette bath

Haven't updated recently

I haven't updated quite as regularly recently. *shrug* On Sunday I started feeling a bit off - like when I've drank too much OJ, which usually means I'm coming down with something. To clarify, OJ doesn't make me sick, but the feeling of drinking too much OJ is the same feeling of coming down with something. Odd. On Monday I went to class and felt a bit dizzy at times, but managed to pull through. I went home, ordered a couple of pizzas and went to have a nap. Heather came home and ended up answering the door to the pizza man, so that was good. She had received West Wing, season 2, disc 2 from netflix and so we watched all 4 episodes last night. We both went to bed about 9:30, which was kinda amusing.

I had a bit of a fitful sleep, but slept in anyway, so that was ok :) I've been very lazy this morning, so I'm feeling not-too-bad. But I'm a little wary of going into class this afternoon. I kinda have to go because it's that unit that I've failed twice before and if I don't pass I wont be able to continue education.

Anyway, nothing much is going on. That is all.
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My hair is now "chocolate brown." I likes it. Maybe I'll even post pictures. I have new icons. Yay for Dr Horrible icons!
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