August 13th, 2008

dr horrible shiny new Australia

Gate Fixture

Go me! Today I did some weeding, then I decided to fix this gate that broke some time ago.
Backstory to the gate breaking
When I first moved into this house, I did a bunch of exploring to find all the nooks and crannies. Behind the car port there's a patch of land. The shed takes up some room, but there's just soil in the parts that aren't shed. I think the all the people who used to live here would put bags of lawn clippings, branches from the trees and all sorts of garden crap there because they had no where else to put it. In trying to find out what was there, I needed to move the gate that blocked off that area. I ended up unscrewing the rusty old screws to get into the patch because the gate swung inwards and inwards was waist high of crap.

I had a busy bee and everyone helped me to clear that area. It turned out it was actually paved. So we moved half the paving stones so I could plant some veggies in this useless spot of land. I now have veggies there and I've been propping up this gate in order to keep Cuda from digging them up. Today I grabbed my hammer and nails and fixed it! There were quite a number of loose boards, so I nailed those down. The screws wouldn't screw back in, so I did a patchy job of half nailing in the nails then bending them over to keep the hinges in. I'm pretty pleased with myself for doing that.

I am the handy-woman of the house! Go me!