August 17th, 2008

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My Day With God

Yesterday was the Perth Women's Convention. It was good. The food was great! It was kinda exhausting though, all the sitting, standing, singing, chatting &c. Afterwards I went home for maybe 30mins, before I had to go out again to have dinner with Mum - who'd come down from Carnarvon for the convention, and Laura - who'd been dragged along by Mum. Dinner was really nice. It was at my favourite restaurant - Bin 305. I had the fish and sweet potato & eggplant lasagna. It doesn't sound so good, but it actually tasted terrific! It was such a good lasagna. And dare I say it... even better than meat lasagna! I must try and make this for myself. What a good vegetarian meal it'd make for my vegetarian friends!

After dinner, Mum, Laura and I took a bit of a walk through the city then I went to get on the train. While I was waiting on the platform, nicwhite86 sent me a message asking where I was. I told him I didn't want to go because I was exhausted, but I ended up being pressure into going because many people had piked. In coming out of the station, I swipped my smartrider and was charged $1.29!! For sitting on the platform!!! Transperth needs to change the rules because that is wrong!

So I went into Northbridge with Nic and that was surprisingly better than I'd expected. We mostly chatted and I made it an aim to talk to someone I didn't know, so at some point I met a guy named Damien and we chatted to him. I then caught the 10:45 train home and went to bed. I also talked to some "maggot" guy on the train about religion. But it wasn't a very good conversation because he was drunk and didn't let me answer any of his questions. So upon alighting the train, he declared that he'd won. *lolsigh* He'd never even read the Bible, just made assumptions about it that were completely incorrect, so I encouraged him to read a gospel and prayed for him once I was home. It would be nice if you Christian readers would also say a prayer for the drunken train man. :) And also for Damien, who hadn't read a Gospel before either.