August 23rd, 2008

kitty about to pounce

Watchmen and tattoos

I'm reading a graphic novel called Watchmen. It is one of the best graphic novels ever written and is being released in May next year. Check out the trailer, get your hands on the original. It's very good!

Worked for 3 whole hours this morning. It was good because I finished before I begun to get grumpy at the futility of even touching the fitting rooms, but I would have liked to work a little longer. I have 3 hours next week, but am hoping to pester my bosses about giving me some extra shifts. I expressed some interest in tv-hifi when I was at training last, so I'm hoping to follow up on that. They've cut all the casual's hours back though... we'll see how it goes.

I'm thinking of getting a tattoo of . Probably somewhere on my back, maybe upper back somewhere. So right now I'm fishing for opinions. PLEASE tell me what your thoughts are. It would be very much appreciated - even if your opinion is to not get one at all!

More information about the symbol: It's a chinese/japanese symbol meaning righteousness. It's a combination of 羊 + 我. The first character is sheep and the second means self. The sheep over self means righteousness. I like it because the blood of the lamb of God, poured out for me, makes me righteous.

For those who can't see the symbol, I uploaded it and you can find it here
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