August 28th, 2008

me facepalm



My life has been full of interesting things to rant about most recently. Most funny, only a tiny bit annoying.

Legalism = NOT COOL!!
enforced secrecy = NOT COOL (and kinda dodge - it's like, why? have you something to hide? Well everyone's gonna think so NOW because you're making such big deal over it!!)

I'm am in such a loud mood right now! Up for arguments with stupid people!? I'VE HAD ENOUGH!

Islam talk went well last night. I asked another question about how Allah could be both JUST and MERCIFUL and the guy went on a bit about Allah's mercy and coz he's such a long talker, I totally needed to interrupt him and go "but how is that just!? Just then with that example, how is that Allah being just!?" and it came across as a bit angry. Which admittedly, I was a little. But not very. Not as angry as I probably sounded. I was just so enthusiastic to get a point across. :P

Anyway. Life has been interesting, but unfortunetly, with all these debates and controversies and whatnot going on, I haven't worked on my assignment dur tomorrow. BAD KAT!! *slaps self on hand*


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Do not want!!

Well the legalism thing that I mentioned in my previous post was deleted from the forum boards. Dunno why. I wasn't told off by the moderators, so I can only assume that it was deleted because my Bible-verse-throwing technique was SO GREAT and everyone else was in so much awe that the only way they could tear themselves from the screen was by hitting the delete button.

...or not.

My tutor in my tutorial SUCKS!! We have to hand in these 150-200 word summaries each week on one reading from that week's list of readings. I've handed in 3 so far and received back 2. But they've had NO feedback on them. He gives me an arbitrary mark, ticks a couple of boxes in an arbitrary place and leave it at that. So I got a bit pissed off and confronted him about it after class. But seriously, because he hadn't made any written remarks, he didn't even remember why he'd given me that mark!! He also does not keep track of time and if it weren't for ME moving the discussion along and reminding him that there are 3 other people who need to give presentations in the remaining 20 minutes, we would still be discussing the first person's presentation questions!! GAH!!

I'm enjoying the unit as a whole and I like discussing issues in my class, but my tutor is terrible!