August 31st, 2008

hokey pokey

Howsey Doosey

My party went quite well. I had a late starting time hoping people would actually rock up at that time, but no. People rocked up at 9:30 instead. :P Anyway, the people who came enjoyed it and I think I may have to have another.

Yesterday morning I went to work for 3hrs - or so I thought! When I arrived, I was immediately accosted and asked if I could work an extra 4hrs. I said yes! So I was able to more than double my shifts, which was fantastic because I need the money! During my lunch and tea break, I made sure to actually sit still and put my feet up as I was wearing shoes suitable for a 3hr shift, but not a 7hr shift (heels; small heels, but heels nonetheless). That sitting and feet up really, really helped for when I went back to work and was walking around the place. I think God may have had something to do with it. Also in the extra hours. Thank you Father!

After work I visited Lisey and that was really nice, but I was super tired by that stage because of work and the late night/early morning part/work thing. But was good anyway. Afterward, I went home, ate some soup and bread for dinner, bummed around on the internet a little and went to bed.

I feel really good after having worked. I was chatting to Lise about how I don't have terribly much money because I haven't work in a while. God has taken care of me so far, me I've eaten into my savings and my credit card needs paying off. I'm not too stressed because I know that there's future money, but it's a little worrying for now when I have $30 to last me till Wednesday. Com'on Wednesday!

I would like to give a shout out to springdove had this icon first and I stoles it from her. But to be fair, more shouting out to iconjoy who made it. :D