September 18th, 2008

V sad

Don't Ask

I think, given the things that are going on right now, I'm doing pretty well and upholding through it all. These are things to give thanks for. After work was more crying, but it was sympathetic crying rather than actual crying on my behalf. Then Bible study, then a de-brief on the situation afterwards.

What else? I bought the rest of the Twilight series at Dymocks, a new pair of work shoes and tickets to the Ballet today. Retail therapy probably helped. :)

Car Stereo Installation

I installed my car stereo today. I had half put it in, but the cords at the back were not connected because I didn't have the right connectors. But I bought one from Auto One today and connected the wires while watching The West Wing. Then I installed it in my car, turned on the battery and it worked! Hurrah!

I bought it from Strathfield for $90, but I found the same model on the Sony website here and it's $199!! So w00t for a super cheap deal. I remember batting my eyelashes and pouting at the time, so maybe that helped. The guys probably felt sorry for me or something, lol.

I'm VERY pleased with myself. I installed my stereo all on my own! (*cough* with the directions of some helpful and friendly people at Auto One who told me what I should do)
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