September 28th, 2008


Yesterday I went to the ballet and my mp3 player was stolen

I went to the ballet last night. I really enjoyed it. The first half I thought was a bit wanky with the "let's use technology lots and not dance quite so much and when we do dance it's going to be a bit weird." Also, I ate too much dinner and was rather uncomfortable during the first half. Stupid me :P The second half was much better, with lots of dancing and twirling and music and many parts were very pretty. I think I enjoy the ballet after experiencing the second half. Now I'm looking forward to Aida in a couple of months to do the ballet/opera comparison thing. :)

Steph and Chris, Miranda, Jacinta and myself went out for dinner first at my favourite restaurant and that was really nice. The place with the excellent cherry tomatoes ^.^ Then afterwards we went to Brian's going away party as he's going to Canadia for 5 months. Yes, Canadia. :P :D

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out in 3 weeks and it can't come soon enough! They're fine most of the time, but every now and then they'll be all painful. And they pushed my teeth out of alignment slightly. Which is kind of very annoying because I've always had straight teeth. I've never needed braces and if I want straight teeth again, I'll need braces. Annoying! Can't wait for these teeth to come out!

This morning I need to drive little sister to the airport and I'm going to miss out on church. This is also rather annoying. I love my church, they are just like a family to me and I love seeing them every week and doing the church 'thing' with them. *sigh* I can probably swing by once I have dropped her off at the airport, but I would have missed out on most. Oh well.

Oh, when I was visiting Lise yesterday, my mp3 player was stolen!! I accidentally left my passenger side door unlocked (my car door locks are screwy - don't ask) and when I came back 2 hrs later, it was gone, as was the cord that connected my mp3 player to the auxiliary port in my stereo. HOWEVER, nothing else was missing!! My stereo was still there, Laura's luggage in the boot, my cds, the car! Still there. It was only the mp3 player and cord missing! So thank God for keeping everything else safe! I am a little annoyed still that it was stolen. But it wasn't very expensive - in fact, I only ended up paying $10 for it due to various factors. I'm VERY glad that the face from my car stereo wasn't nicked.