September 29th, 2008

Rhett Butler smug

Amusing Linky Lunks

Oh, the funny things I have read recently! Here're some linky links to these amusing things!!

This here is a breakdown of the Twilight series and funny as anything! If you haven't read the series, don't bother, read this instead. If you have read the series, read this for the lulz.

Something that was linked in those reviews is this. Apparently someone on Craigslist posted this rant about where all the nice guys have gone, but it's really a misogynist rant about how he's being pathetic and not a nice guy at all because he can't enjoy the company of women without being screwed. So now this one is a response that calls this guy out for what he is. w00t.

(Edit 16:20: another linky link to nice guys vs Nice Guys here and these two are from something positive along the same lines.)

I think all the articles contain swearing (for those more sensitive readers) so this is a warning. But it's not saturated with it, just the odd swear word.

Also, tibbycat has a political rant on his LJ that is amusing. And WTF is up with Sarah Palin!??? Has she ever had a lobotomy and cannot answer a straight forward question? Hey, do you know who I think should run for president!? Josiah Bartlet. I would vote for him.

Vote One: Josiah Bartlet!