October 5th, 2008

Anya loving

Cath + Jud's wedding yesterday

Yesterday was FULL ON!! I woke up a bit earlier than I would have liked because I couldn't get back to sleep after rolling over many times. I worked 3hrs (9-12) at Myer, which was really good because otherwise I would have been bouncing in my seat at home. I changed at Myer, the girls helped me choose which jewellery to wear with my dress and shoes and then I drove to Anna's. We ate some toast for lunch (very small lunch) then drove to the church.

Then Catherine and Judson became married!! :D :D All morning and early afternoon I was so excited! I was the BEST worker at Myer because I was so happy, cheerful, pleasant and helpful to ALL the customers. Then I was totally excited at the wedding!

Afterwards, some of us went to get kebabs for a late lunch when this happened. Then I crashed at Anna's for 2hrs, before heading off to the reception. Food was good, speeches were good, something wasn't right with the speakers, but the music picked up well enough for Malcolm and I to get some proper dancing happening. I left very soon after Cath + Jud left at 11pm and crashed at home.